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Your child has grown right before your eyes and it all happened so fast! They have begun to stand and walk, to experience new emotions and feelings, to understand routines, to play and they are beginning to talk! They have entered the Toddler Program .....What Now?


With the recent expansion, we were able to separate our previous Toddler Program (ages 15 months to 2-years, 9-months) to two rooms.  Our toddler room, (affectionately known as the "Caterpillars") is home to children ages 15 months to 24 months.


Once they reach two years, they hop the gate over to the older toddler side -- called the Butterflies!  They remain with the Butterflies until they are 33 months of age.  At that time, they will begin a 3-4 week transition into the Buttercups room.  


Toddlers Infants Child Care Preschool

Our Toddler Programs

  • Sensory Exploration: The children will be exposed to different textures, colors, patterns, shapes, scents, tastes and sounds.

  • Language Development: Conversation throughout the day, reading and puppet play, exploring of sounds, background music, circle time of songs and activities.

  • Cognitive Development: Object permanence, spatial relations, collecting and dumping, cause and effect,

  • Fine and Large Motor Development:  Gripping, throwing, walking, climbing, pushing, pulling, etc.

  • Creative Expression: Art, music and movement, imitation and beginning dramatic play, puppet and doll play.

Infants Toddlers Preschool Child Care

In the Toddler Room we encourage the children to further develop their fine motor skills as well as help them with the new feelings and emotions they begin to experience. We introduce some group work in small daily sessions leaving them short enough to keep the children's attention. We participate in many art and sensory activities which are lots of fun, but sometimes messy!  We also play outside when the weather permits.


Along with all of these new activities we also begin to settle the class into a routine. All the children play together, eat together and nap together. The introduction of a routine is a welcome change to this age group as they love to know what to expect next in their day.


Four Seasons knows that toddlerhood is an incredibly important time in your child’s development. It is a time when language, social, cognitive and physical skills are growing at an exponential rate. Toddlers are constantly learning and they use all of their senses to explore the world around them. Our teachers help to encourage their curiosity by providing a safe, loving and active learning environment.

The younger Toddler Program at Four Seasons Creative Learning Center was specifically developed for the 15 month - 24 month old child. Ambulatory exploration is the rule of the day. Toddlers continue to learn by touching, jumping, running, and putting everything in their mouths. It is with this in mind that the toddler environment was created. In order to proceed from the Infant Room to the Toddler Room, there must be space available, the child must be walking and able to handle other children who are running. Children are transitioned into the Toddler Program over a 3 week period. Information specific to transitions will be provided to the parents at the appropriate time. The parents' input is very important to us as their child develops.


More difficult sensory and motor activities are explored in this program. Children are nurtured and able to investigate their surroundings in a safe environment. Emerging social skills are strengthened, and playing next to a friend becomes a real possibility. The children are readied for the stimulating environment of the Toddler Twos Room.  The child to staff ratio is 1:4 - or one caregiver to every four children. Once a fifth child enters the room, another staff member is added. 


The Toddler Room is designed for mobile children who are walking steadily to 24 months old. Children at this age are discovering their world through hands-on exploration of their environment and materials in the room. Social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills will develop when children interact and engage in play with teachers and other children in a group setting. Our safe and nurturing environment allow children to play, grow and learn.


FSCLC teachers know and understand that children need to be able to express themselves in different ways. In the Toddler Room, teachers encourage children to express their emotion through words, sign language, and body language as children are beginning to develop their language skills.  Our curriculum takes into consideration the need to develop their self-esteem, security and independence. Therefore, everything we do throughout the day is part of our curriculum.


Children transition to the older Toddler Room when they are 24 months of age – as long as there is an opening in the room. Occasionally, we will move a child earlier if there is an opening and if the child is developmentally ready. When the decision to move a child is being made, parents will be informed and given an opportunity to meet with new caregivers. As part of the transition process, children will make several visits to the new room, accompanied by caregivers they know.  Every experience in these rooms is a learning opportunity: diaper changing, snack and lunchtime, singing, dancing, playing, reading, etc.




In addition to these individual care giving moments, teachers will also plan for more slightly more organized times and activities for learning:

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        "If I had influence with the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the christening of all children,  I should ask that her gift to each child in the world be a sense of wonder
so indestructible that it would last throughout life."
 ~ Rachel Carson 
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