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Our Infant Program

Our loving, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff conscientiously care for up to seven children between the ages of six weeks to 12-15 months. Our staff to child ratio in the Infant Room is 1:3. We offer quality care in a safe, healthy, home-like environment. All of our teachers are highly trained in infant care. Not only are they required to complete infant training before becoming an infant teacher, they are also required to successfully complete 20 hours of continuous training each year. In the infant room we follow each child’s individual schedule to remain consistent with the child’s schedule at home. Through observation, learning your child's cues, and consistent parent/staff communication, we build a loving, joyful relationship with your child. This close relationship enables us to individualize personal care.

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Four Seasons has an open door policy. This means that parents can visit their infant any time during the day, whether it’s a mother to breastfeed her infant or simply Mom or Dad popping in to play with their child. We welcome a close relationship between the parents, infants and staff to create a family-like environment. We know that it optimizes the child’s care when there is communication, relationship and respect between the parents and staff.


To help communication between the infants and the teachers, not only do we pay close attention to their individual cues, we also teach the infants sign language. An infant has the ability to pick up sign language much sooner than verbal skills in their development. In this way it is much easier for an infant to communicate their needs to a teacher, whether it is simply asking for more food or for help in a task. 


Although there is a general, very flexible schedule, it is Four Seasons’ policy that our infant care practices are responsive to the rhythms and schedules of each individual child. We talk with you about your child and your approach to feeding and napping so we are as consistent as possible between home and Four Seasons.




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Our Infant Teachers

Hello everyone, I’m Miss Sam! I started at Four Seasons in 2019 as an assistant in the Toddler Room. I am infant/toddler qualified and now have the privilege of teaching in the Infant room. With four younger siblings, I have been taking care of babies most of my life. I have 3 incredible and (mostly) grown children of my own. I was fortunate to be able to Homeschool them from birth straight through high school. That was the experience of a lifetime!
Before starting my family I attended Berklee College of Music. I love to sing and feel that both music and song are an extremely important part of the daily growth and education of all children, especially babies! I’m so grateful to be a part of the Four Seasons Family.



"When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces 
and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of the fairies."
~ J.M. Barrie

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