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We all want the best for our children. We want to see them grow into happy and productive human beings capable of loving, working, and contributing. We want them to grow into their full potential as adults who are responsible, conscious and enjoy life.


The preschool years lay the foundation for the rest of a child’s education. It is at this time that a child’s self esteem is most significantly shaped and the time when their relationship to school and learning is also shaped. Thus, we want to give them the best possible start. 


With our continued growth, we have separated our preschool children into three classrooms - The Yellow Room (the Buttercups) ages 2.9+, the Green Room (the Sprouts) ages 3.6+ and the Blue Room (the Sunflowers) ages 4+.

Our Yellow (Buttercups)  and Green (Sprouts) classrooms hold children who are 2.9 – 4 years.  These rooms are the stepping stone to our 4+ year old classoom, the Sunflowers.


Academic concepts such as letter and number recognition and beginning writing skills are introduced with more emphasis for the older children in the classrooms.  Both classrooms will run on the same daily schedule, activities/lessons will be similar, and the groups may combine for such as activities as nap, lunch, on the playground and in the afternoon.


In these rooms, your child will master basic learning skills and habits, moving from activity to activity, making choices, taking out and putting away materials, listening to a group story, singing together, taking turns when talking, listening to each other and walking with a partner.  Focus will also be on self-help skills, encouraging positive peer interaction, and nurturing each child's uniqueness through a balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. In this secure, stable environment, young children actively engage in hands-on exploration of a variety of learning resources.


Through play, children attempt new challenges and take appropriate risks. All of these experiences stimulate curiosity, build self-esteem and provide opportunities for social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth within a community of learners.  


Once the children turn approximately four-and-a-half-years-old, they transition to the older Preschool Room ... the Sunflowers!  Here is their final stop at Four Seasons before moving on to Kindergarten.   We have many permanent centers including art, blocks, writing, science, math, manipulatives and books. We also have a dramatic play area and a loft which change with the curriculum.  They are an integral part of our theme curriculum.  They can be transformed into an Italian eatery, Mexican bodega, a hospital, fruit and vegetable stand or even outer space!


The Four Seasons Preschool curriculum, from Buttercups to Sunflowers, is based on the Massachusetts State Frameworks.  All rooms are organized around learning centers in a hands-on, child-directed environment.  


The keys to a love of learning and school are based on successes and the social and emotional growth that youngsters experience. Through the introduction of basic values such as sharing, kindness and life skills, we foster competency, friendships, and social behavior that allow for productive learning. Children experience group and partnered activities ranging from dramatic play, singing, and group story-time to the physical exploration of our indoor and outdoor facilities. A balance of freedom and structure makes for a flexible, stimulating, and creative environment.


At Four Seasons, we know that when children are engaged and having fun, they are learning. Our preschool programs are:

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Child-centered – Activities and experiences are about the child’s engagement and experience. Children are engaged in activities that are relevant to their interests and their world and that reinforce their self-concept in a positive way.


Play-based - Children's play is their work - this is how they learn best.


Focused on three-centered learning – Children learn best when they are wholly engaged – mind, body, and emotions.  We provide experiences and activities that involve a child’s active participation.


Process oriented – The process (vs. product) is at the heart of our efforts with children. Lots of wonderful creations will come home with your child, and you may have no idea what they are. The magic is in the process.


Developmentally appropriate – We provide opportunities and activities that are geared toward and respect the ways young children develop and learn in a context of a loving environment where they are safe, valued and secure.


Literature rich – Children love stories! Many, many times a day we read and tell stories. We act them out. Children write and illustrate their own books. We transform our environment into the world of our favorite stories and we re-live them.

Our Preschool Teachers 

Hi everyone!  My  name is Miss Amanda and I am qualified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Preschool/Infant/Toddler teacher. I am also the Assistant Director here at Four Seasons. As of July  2014 I am going to be the Sprouts teacher and am very excited to assume this new role.   I've been at Four Seasons since January of 2010 and can't imagine working anywhere else.  I hope you take some time to stop by and see our Center.

Hi! My name is Miss Allison. I have been a preschool teacher at Four Seasons since May 2014, and I love it! I am so excited to be working at such a great center with amazing teachers and children. We have so much fun in the blue room playing, singing, dancing and learning. Come in for a visit and see for yourself!


Creative play is like a spring that bubbles up from deep within a child. 

~ Joan Almon


Caring for children 6 wks to 6 yrs since 2003

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