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Our Families

We are very proud of our Center, but more importantly, 

we're proud of the relationships we build and keep with our parents 

and families.  Relationships that continue, even when the children outgrow Four Seasons.  

We wanted to share some of their thoughts about Four Seasons Creative Learning Center with you. 

"We will all miss you, Miss Desiree and the whole Four Seasons Family! You have instilled a solid base of learning, the curiosity of imagination and creativity in all three of our children. It is interesting to look at Kaleigh and Liam and see where they are now. Then, to look at Jack and see how it all fits into place. So we are forever grateful to you for your helping us point them in the right direction. We wish you continued success in the important work that you do. You guys still have the same enthusiasm and passion you did when you started 12 years ago."


"Thank you Lindsey and the Four Seasons Family for the great 3.5 years the boys had there. They were always so happy, loved the school, the teachers and friends they made. They learned so much. I still remember the first day I dropped them off. Caleb just went inside the yellow room and never looked back, and Davi of course cried and cried. My husband and I are so grateful for the love and care you all gave to our children. Caleb's teacher was so impressed with his assignments from Kindergarten and can't believe how advanced he is in reading, phonics and math!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!


"I can't believe it has been 6 1/2 years! We are so grateful for our time at FSCLC. It is a wonderful organization with the best staff, policies and management. We feel so loved and blessed but most of all I feel like you did so much in raising our kids. We wouldn't have wanted them anywhere else and we all miss you so much."

The Farrell's

"Gracie and Bronson have always loved going to school. I don't know what we would have done without such wonderful child care providers as you. Let's face it ... you see them more than we do. This fact was something I struggled with daily until we found you.  It was always my dream to be able to stay at home with my children and watch, care for, nurture, mold, teach and help them to grow into the wonderful people they are now.  Unfortunately, I was unable to follow through with this dream entirely, but you helped me do this and for that I am truly thankful. Every staff member has a smile on their face and looks as though they are truly happy to see our family walk thru the door (even at 7:01 a.m.!)  Four Seasons has been such a relief for our family.  We have never had a doubt that our children were in the best care when leaving them with you. They have grown and learned in your loving and nurturing care.  You are all truly family to us; and we have been so thankful to have found such a wonderful family as Four Seasons. Thank you for making the most important learning years of their lives so special!"

Jill, Ben, Gracie and Bronson


"As always, I am super impressed with your Center. First and foremost, I deeply appreciate how much love you show the children. For our little family, this is the most important thing. I know that my children get plenty of hugs, kisses and words of encouragement each day - and not just from the classroom teachers, but from all the teachers! Secondly, I appreciate how willing you are to listen to me, even when I have some crazy ideas. I also appreciate how willing you are to try new things. The tumbling class is a great example of this. You guys use a lot of self-reflection where there might be gaps in the curriculum and having the bi-monthly music classes illustrates your total commitment to the children. The work you do is so important, yet under-valued. I wish I could pay you a million dollars!"

Love, Jennifer, Emerson and Nigel

"We just want to pass along our gratitude to your center for allowing us the opportunity to have our daughter attend your learning center (in the preschool program).  We have noticed such a positive change in her since the day she started there and left her previous center.  She seems happier, more eager to do things, and her demeanor as a whole has improved substantially.

In regards to your center, we feel as though there is a happiness instilled in each and every one of your staff that we did not see in the previous center.  We feel as though the previous place she attended was just a baby-sitting facility with not an ounce of direction or structure.  Your center is far ahead of that curve ... also from the moment we drop her off in the morning until the time we pick her up later in the day, all we see is smiles on your staff's face, which leads us to believe they all really love what they do. 


We feel as though we did not find a typical "daycare center" for her to attend, but truly a second home that she is comfortable and happy to go to each and every morning.  Again, our sincere thank you to you and your staff for accepting her into your family and making her little life that much happier ....."

Rich,  Kristen and Avery



"As parents, we have read nearly every book on raising children. We have listened to numerous family members and friends with child-rearing advice.  And yet, time and time again, we have sought your guidance.  Much of our success in raising our children can be attributed to the care and attention (as well as the hugs, kisses and words of encouragement) they have received at Four Seasons.  We know life in a children's center has its trials and tribulations, but we see its successes each day in Jack and Peter.  Please know that we thank you and appreciate all your hard work and energy.  We hope you feel just as satisfied and fulfilled as we have and realize what a difference you've made in each of the children in your care."

Beth, Brian, Jack, Pete and Sean

"We want to thank you for everything.  We can't believe it is time to say good-bye (for now).  We could not have found a more perfect preschool for Tyler.  He has enjoyed every school day because of you!  Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication, and patience.  Tyler is lucky to have been a part of your beautiful preschool.  We will miss you all!  P.S. We will stop by over the summer to say hello (with cupcakes!) :)

Jon, Karine, Tyler and Kyle




"To Miss Desiree, Miss Lindsey and all the wonderful teachers ... Four years ago, coming from another country, I desperately needed to find a second home for my precious one.  Not only a home, but also a healthy space where she could not only play, to also learn and grow while playing.  And then I found Four Seasons and I knew that it was going to be part of us.  I always felt respect from everybody and I was certain that Michelle was safe, happy and growing in all aspects.  I can't say thanks enough times to show my gratitude for keeping such a caring and special place.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Margarite and Michelle

It takes a village to raise a child.

~ African Proverb

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